See Us Fly, LLC


The demand for increased multicultural literature is driven by the need to see
every child adequately represented. It is important that children are
exposed to literary content that represents both familiar and unfamiliar cultural
anecdotes. By providing adequate reference for minorities, especially within the
Black community, we believe we are taking steps forward to correct long standing
stereotypes that have been passed down time and time again.


At See Us Fly LLC, the work we do is geared towards dispelling the stereotypes
about people of color by promoting the availability of diverse stories that educate
and inspire children through and beyond their formative years.


Research praises the profound benefits diverse literature poses to the
development of young minds, not only does it help shape and encourage identity
formation, it promotes cross-cultural friendship, empathy, tolerance, unity and
critical thinking by seeing things from more than one perspective.

Mission & Vision

To amplify the voices of storytellers of color in the pursuit of diversity and equity for all children in literature