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BOOKS We Recommend

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Best Seller Children's Books

Best Sellers
Forever A Scholar.jpeg

Forever A Scholar

Ages 4-8

Hair Love.jpeg

Hair Love

Ages 4-8

Little Legends- Exceptional Men in Black

Little Legends: Exceptional Men in Black History

Ages 8-12

The Rumble Hunters.jpg

The Rumble Hunters

Ages 5 - 8

The Proudest Blue- A Story of Hijab and

The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and FamilyAges 5 - 8

Little Leaders- Bold Women in Black Hist

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

Ages 8-12

King Khalid is PROUD.jpg

King Khalid is PROUD

Ages 4-8

Aneika Asharee Turnbull .jpg

A Little Girl's Dream

Ages 4-8


Mae Among The Stars 

Ages 4-8

Family Readings

Family Readings
Princess Nylah and the Journey to the Ma

Princess Nylah and the Journey to the Magic Window

Ages 4-8

Carter Reads the Newspaper.jpg

Carter Reads the Newspaper

Ages 6-10

Antiracist Baby Picture Book.jpeg

Antiracist Baby Picture Book

Ages 4-8

Daddy's Arms.jpg

Daddy's Arms 

Ages 3-8

All Because You Matter.jpg

All Because You Matter

Ages 4-8


You Can Do it

Ages 4-7

Most Reviewed

Most Reviewed
It's In You- A Book For Big Dreamers.jpg

It's In You: A Book For Big Dreamers

Ages 4-7

Black Is a Rainbow Color.jpg

Black Is a Rainbow Color

Ages 5 - 8

Ben the Gamer.jpg

Ben the Gamer 

Ages 4-8

I AM... Positive Affirmations for Brown

I AM... Positive Affirmations for Brown Boys

Ages 4-8

 Jonathan J Marshall.jpg

I'll Be Right There

Ages 4-8


Sisters & Champions

Ages 4-8

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